When I was young, I used to say I wanted to be "an inventor".
Back then, that meant the scientist in their garage building teleporters, or the professor brewing potions, or Iron Man.
I don't say it anymore. But, even though it's unintentional, I'm often surprised at how closely my life has stayed to that idea.
Common advice is to "do things that will make 50 year old you proud". Save up, stay healthy, etc etc. That's certainly good advice.
Recently though, I've been finding myself asking more and more "what will make my 5 year old self proud?"
Something ambitious and crazy, completely optimistic and unapologetic, I assume.
I've found it's a good heuristic for making choices.
It's an easier way to address raw instict unconstrained by any norms.
I leave this here as a footnote - more as a reminder to myself - on how to think.
If he were here now, what would he think of me?